Beyond those actions, we also support young talented surfers on the path of their professional career. Currently, we sponsor six young surfers on the WQS tour of the world surf league.


“Pua” is a surfer born in Hawaii, descendant from a long line of people living from and with the ocean. Through her education she has developed a strong sense of responsibility for her playground and community on the west coast of Oahu which still bears the scars of a heavy colonial past.

She has a strong sense of « Kuleana » (responsibility) served many hours as a volunteer in local associations, and at only 14 years old, is already a junior champion of the state of Hawaii and is planning to reach the top by demonstrating her talent internationally, serving as an ambassador for Smile Wave and promoting.

Instagram : @puamonkeymae


Sung Min Cho aka “Mini” is a surfer from Mozambique, born in the small town of Inhambane. Mini started surfing at the age of 14, which is relatively late for an athlete, but he quickly reached such a high level that he is now ready to compete. Currently, he is responsible for the Mozambican branch of the association “surfers not street children” that we actively support. Mini wants to become the first surfer to represent Mozambique on the international surfing scene as well as to inspire and educate young people in his region to take action as the guardian of their playground, the Ocean.

According to Mini, “the ocean offers us so much that it is only fair to give back what it offers us by preserving it”

instagram : @sung_min_cho_



Ntando was taken off the streets of Durban, South Africa when he was 8 years old after losing both of his parents. The Surfers Not Street Children association took care of his education and teached him how to surf until his teenage years. This young talent has risen to the 17th world junior rank. He is now 20 years old and goes for the WQS circuit of the World Surf League with all chances to be among the best. Unfortunately it is tille very difficult to find sponsors in South Africa when you come from the streets. That is why Smile Wave Fund has decided to sponsor this young talent and lauch his career.

Instagram : @ntandolife

Video : Présentation Youtube


Sne is a 16-year-old girl also from Durban. As a promising young surfer, Sne joined the Surfers Not Street Children program to maximise her chances of becoming professional by training in the most appropriated environment and staying away from the streets.

She recently won the second place at the Junior South Africa Championship. If it’s hard to find a sponsor as a boy coming from the streets, it’s even more complicated when you’re a girl. That is why Smile Wave Fund has chosen to support Sne. She can now show her talent across borders.

instagram : @sne.makhubu


Fantin is one of the few Swiss surfers who has been qualified for the Junior World Championships.

Because he was seeking support and our fund is based in Switzerland we decided to support this young talent.He can thus proudly wear the colors of Switzerland against the great nations of surfing.

Instagram: @__fantin__