Our mission

The Smile Wave Fund has been set up under the construct of the Philanthropia Foundation with the mandate to support projects in the fields of education, social intergration and protection of the environment with particular focus on the oceans.

The fund is active in Switzerland and internationally.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for local communities and raise their awareness on environmental issues through the enhancement of education and social integration while taking into account their geographical location and their mode of consumption.

Our support goes exclusively to organisations that share our philosophy and we work to make sure that our direct actions are conducted in a close partnership with them.

On top of these projects, we are also bringing support to upcoming surfers as they embark on their professional career.


With regard to social intergration and education, we support small local organisations as we believe they have the best understanding of issues and, more importantly, provide the best opportunity to deliver a more concrete and measurable positive impact.

On top of this, we support charities providing talented young surfers with a platform and infrastructure that aims to give them the opportunity to launch potential professional careers in surfing.

Organisations we support:


In the field of environmental protection, we place particular emphasis on the term protection and, as such, support organisations that mainly focus on dealing with the problems that are directly threatening our planet and require immediate action while also looking to analyse and solve the root cause these threats.

Organisations we support:


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